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Updated 18April2012

Sorry folks I have had enough of the internet – Leave it to you who have the energy to fight-on – Signing off the Internet end of April2012 – Stay in touch thru txt New Zealand Cellphone number remains 027-429-0055

Many Blessings

Onward – Jim

New Zealand

North Shore City

  • MEN’S Coffee Clubs – Alcohol free. Meeting together in community around ONE table. NEVER in a Café of individuals. We value and encourage one-to-one engagement, thus the MENS Banquet BOOK. Engagement is expected of each member with other members, separate to our group meetings.
  • Fridays, Glenfield Mall, 1900hrs, DFC Café in the Farmers Arm. Then McD’s G/F Rd for an icecream. Host, Lance Button, 476-1255
  • Tuesdays, Shore City, 1100hrs near Muffin Break/Essential espresso – Host, Dave Hall, 489-9158
  • Tuesdays, Beach Haven Shops, 1400hrs, Au Bon Coin Café, in the Shed. Host, Jim Bailey, 027-429-0055
  • MEN’S Dinner Clubs – Meeting together in community in Foodhalls, Restaurants, even McD’s.
  • Tuesday, Northcote Shops, 1900hrs, Roast Valley.  Then McD’s for an icecream.   Host, Barry Preest, 027-2056-416
  • Thursdays, Glenfield Mall, 1300hrs, Food Hall near the Curry Place, Shamiana. Then over to McD’s G/F Rd for an icecream. Host, Jim Bailey, 027-429-0055
  • MEN’S Banquets – Shared Dinners in Homes – Bring something to share that you have made or bought yourself. NO Mummy Dinners – Ask the Man across the road and the Men next door.
  • Fridays, Beach Haven, 1800hrs, 6 Lancaster Rd – Host, Jim Bailey, 027-429-0055
  • MENS’ Table – We deal with issues that bother MEN, via DVD, PowerPoint presentation, discussion, letters to Media, Select Committee, Conference, etc. Some Political, some Health, some God stuff etc. So called Child Support, Parent alienation, How DVA effects Men and their Families, Living Single, Rebuilding life with your Kids, Dealing with the X, and many more – We have 100+ and growing Festival of DVD – Host, Jim Bailey, 027-429-0055 –

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